LEXpress – A coffee with the lawyer | Episode 01

Artificial Intelligence and human control

Is it really dangerous to rely on machines? Some argue that there is a dangerous shift from attributing responsibility from humans to thinking machines. And while some remain uncertain, others see high hopes. Here then is a frame that refers to a very ancient history and that goes from the crypts on the ancient automatons of Losano, passing through the classic world of self-propelled machines (let’s remember the colossus of Rhodes) and the Christian Middle Ages and the Muslim and Arab Middle Ages up to Japanese automatic machines.

LEXpress – A coffee with the lawyer | Episode 02

Facial Recognition

From the roots of the tendency to visualize and recognize human faces by machines, to the last frontiers of the protection of human rights. Starting from the concept of physiognomy, whose etymology derives from the Greek and has its roots in the pseudo-Aristotelian work of the same name.